The journal Ambulatory Surgery has been in existence since 1993 with the first publishers being Butterworth Heinemann, who in 1995 co-published with Elsevier, before becoming an imprint of Elsevier in 2006. The journal was transferred to the auspices of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery in 2007, with subsequent dissemination facilitated from the IAAS website. Development of the bibliography took approximately 300 hours to complete, with a total of one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven publications collated. The Editor now updates this bibiography at the end of each calendar year.
Journals with an ‘on-line’ presence invariably have a search feature that facilitates identification and download of relevant manuscripts, though most of these are a subscription based service. The development of this bibliography provides a resource where it is hoped both established and aspirant authors can search the existing literature database of this journal to evaluate the viability of proposed submissions and to establish cross references for existing papers. Similarly, the profusion of abstracts provides a fertile environment for exploring the potential for further work for those involved with care of the ambulatory surgery patient.