Volume 15.4

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Claus Toftgaard

Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting after Inpatient and Outpatient Breast Surgery: Incidence and Effects of Midazolam
S. Wilson, H. Meyer and K. Fecho

A survey of patients’ personal expenditure related to ambulatory surgery
H. Virtanen, S. Salanterä, K. Johansson, K. Heikkinen, A. Hiltunen, A. Kaljonen, S. Rankinen, H. Leino-Kilpi

Cataract extraction with lens insertion performance measurement study
S.J.W. Romeo, D. Jinks, E. Bozzuto, J. Egnatinsky, N. Kuznets, A. Kneifel

An investigation into patient morbidity following oral day case surgery
M.L. Goodson, A. Musa, I.R. Fletcher, S. Briggs, D. Barthram, C. Downey, P.J. Thomson

Longitudinal changes in health and symptoms following laparoscopic cholecystectomy
C. Barthelsson, Å. Norberg, G. Nordström

Evaluation of unplanned admission following day surgery at a new surgical centre in London
F.A. Zulfiquer, K. Pattanayak

Volume 15.3

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Abstracts and Posters from IAAS 8th International Congress: 

The Destiny of Day Surgery

Brisbane Australia 

Volume 15.2

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Claus Toftgaard

Day Case Urology in a Dedicated Day Case Surgery Unit in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital
O.A. Sowande, A.O. Takure, A.A. Salako, T.A. Badmus, A.O. Olajide, O.O.Banjo and O.A. Adisa

Informed Consent for Local Anaesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery
S.R. Mousavi