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Beverly K Philip

Financing Day Surgery – An International Perspective
P. Lemos

Impact of Ambulatory Surgery in the daily life of patients and their caregivers
R. Santos, A. Gomes, M. Almeida & S.Coelho

Comparison of propofol vs. propofol/remifentanil anesthesia in upper GI endoscopic ultrasound examination (EUS)
M.S. Hannallah, M. David, J. Carroll, N. Haddad, A. Charabaty & F. Barton

Volume 18.1

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Douglas McWhinnie

Colonoscopy performance measurement study
N. Kuznets

The financial considerations of inguinal hernia surgery: does the surgical approach matter?
S Kreckler, D McWhinnie, H Khaira & I Jackson

Hernioplasty in One-Day Surgery: result of 228 self-adhesive prosthesis
A. Goulart, M. Delgado, M.C. Antunes & J. Braga dos Anjos

Postoperative pain and surgical time in Inguinal hernia repair with self-gripping mesh: Experience in ambulatory surgery
JM Suárez-Grau JM, JA Bellido Luque, JL García Moreno, J Gómez Menchero, I Duran Ferreras, R Moreno Romero, E Ruiz Lupiañez, JF Guadalajara Jurado

A brief history of The Indian Association of Day Surgery
T. Naresh Row

News from International Organisations
Denmark, France, India, Germany and the Netherlands

Anaesthetising Somalia’s Tallest Man
G. Chhabra, R. Duggal & Stephen Littler