Volume 13.4

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Beverly K Philip

Measuring General Surgical Workload in the Day Surgery Unit
O. Faiz, A.J. Mcguire, P. Tekkis, J.A. Rennie, S.Papagrigoriadis, P. Baskerville , A.J.M. Leather

Intrapersonal randomized controlled trial comparing bipolar Scissors and conventional cold tonsillectomy
P-O. Haraldsson, P. Attner, L. Fredelius

Nursing research into modern day surgery : a literature review
M. Mitchell

Evaluation of patients’ perception against the Modified Postanaesthetic Discharge Scoring System for home readiness after ambulatory surgery
K.K. Leung, J.M.J.A. Lim, K.Y. Chiu, C.M. Koon, T.S. Lan, June, S.L.Ying

Deep sedation and local anaesthesia: a safe and suitable association for outpatients undergoing vein stripping
G.Armellin, U.Baccaglini, C.Castoro, C.Ori

Optimising operating list scheduling in the day surgery department: can statistical modelling help?
O. Faiz, P. Tekkis, A.J. Mcguire, J.A. Rennie, P. Baskerville, A.J.M. Leather