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March 2002 Contents

Editorial: Changing Times
P.E.M Jarret.

Obituary: Professor Marc-Claude Marti: 1941–2001.
P.E.M Jarret.

Guidelines for the accreditation of office-based surgery facilities.
Glenda Rudkin, Randall Sach.

Australian (Commonwealth) government policy on day surgery (Ambulatory Surgery) with particular emphasis on the private sector.
P. Callanan.

A developmental history of local anaesthesia.
A. Martin-Duce.

Suitability for day surgery of trabeculectomy and phacotrabeculectomy using 10-0 polyglactin suture.
S. Basu, M. Heravi, C. Davies.

Why are ambulatory surgical patients admitted to hospital?: Prospective study.
R Morales, N Esteve, I Casas, C Blanco.

Sevoflurane requirements during ambulatory surgery: a clinical study of bispectral index and auditory evoked potential guided anaesthesia.
Hamid Assare, Russell E. Anderson, Jan Jakobsson.

Abstracts – Cirugia Mayor Ambulatoria

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October 2001 Contents

Foundation and early history of the international association for ambulatory surgery 1995–2001.
Council of Presidents International Association for Ambulatory Surgery, April 2001.

Spiegelian hernia: ambulatory surgical treatment.
C Zaragoza, F Peiró, H Bebek, S Castaño, R Garcı́a Aguado, M Vivó, C Martinez.

Ketamine for co-induction of anaesthesia in oral surgery.
E.L Ong, G.A Osborne.

Ventricular tachycardia in patients subjected to extracorporeal lithotripsy.
Cristina Gomez, Luis Fernando Ortega, Luis Tena, Mikel Arzuaga, Luciano Aguilera.

Undergraduate teaching in an oral surgery day case unit.
Ameeta Joshi, J.P Rood.

The impact on orthopaedic workload of the introduction of a dedicated day surgery unit.
C.L Foley, W.N Bradley.

International variations in availability and diffusion of alternatives to in-patient care in Europe: the case of day surgery.
Madelon W Kroneman, Gert P Westert, Peter P Groenewegen, Diana M.J Delnoij.

Undergraduate surgical education in an ambulatory surgery setting.
M.H Bruening, G.J Maddern.

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July 2001 Contents

Patient focused management: cost versus value.
Bernard V. Wetchler.

Combination therapy for postoperative nausea and vomiting — a more effective prophylaxis?
Ashraf S Habib, Tong J Gan.

Hernia surgery for the third millennium. Does classical herniorraphy still play a role?
A. Arroyo, F. Pérez, R. Ferrer, P. García, P. Serrano, F. Candela, R. Calpena.

Two percent lidocaine spinal anaesthesia compared with sevoflurane anaesthesia in ambulatory knee surgery – cost-effectiveness, home readiness and recovery profiles.
M. Martikainen, T. Kangas-Saarela, A. Löppönen, P. Ohtonen, T. Salomäki.

Outpatient laparoscopic cholecystectomy. A prospective study with 100 consecutive patients.
Sven Bringman, Bo Anderberg, Timo Heikkinen, Björn Nyberg, Eva Peterson, Krystyna Hansen, Stig Ramel.

Anaesthetic drug costs in a district general hospital day surgery unit.
Mary Elizabeth Stocker, Kerri Houghton.

Is pain prophylaxis in minor gynaecological surgery of clinical value? a double-blind placebo controlled study of paracetamol 1 g versus lornoxicam 8 mg given orally.
A. Hein, C. Norlander, L. Blom, J. Jakobsson.

The effects of lowering fresh gas flow during sevoflurane anaesthesia: a clinical study in patients having elective knee arthroscopy.
Anders Doolke, Ronnie Cannerfelt, Russell Anderson, Jan Jakobsson.

Introduction of a hand trauma day surgery operating list.
F. Schonauer, J.P. Garner, J.A. Pereira, M.A. Pickford.

Pre-registration student nurses’ perceptions of the day surgery unit.
Anne Mottram.

Wound infection in day-surgery.
Bjarne Grøgaard, Elizabeth Kimsås, Johan Ræder.


Letter to Editor: Daycase ACL Reconstruction
J.D. Acton, M. Curtis, G. Samsoon.

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January 2001 Contents

Evidence-based decision making.
Bernard V. Wetchler.

Conference Report: Portuguese Association for Ambulatory Surgery 2000.
P Lemos.

Report from The British Association of Day Surgery 2000.
Peter Simpson.

Germany faces major changes in health system.
Jost Brökelmann

The use of topical lidocaine/prilocaine cream prior to childhood circumcision under local anesthesia.
Wai Tat Ng, Tze Ki Ng, Samson Tse, Chi Keung Wong, Hon Wing Lau.

Post-operative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing day-case surgery: an international, observational study.
M. Pfisterer, E.M. Ernst, G. Hirlekar, P. Maser, A.K. Shaalan, C. Haigh, B. Upadhyaya.

Convalescence and driver reaction time after tension-free inguinal hernia repair.
A. Bahir, O. Lawaetz, L. Kjeldsen, P. Lund.

Giant inguino-scrotal bladder hernia: Report of a case.
F. Peiró, C. Zaragozá, S. Castaño, L. Olavarrieta, R. García-Aguado, M. Vivó.

Clinical factors influencing return to work after ambulatory inguinal herniorrhaphy in Hong Kong.
Hung Lau, Francis Lee, Jensen Poon.

The impact of postoperative nausea and vomiting on the practice of day surgery for Chinese women with breast diseases.
H.K. Choi, Louis W.C. Chow, L.C. Goh, S.L. Tsui, Francis C.W. Lee.

Effectiveness of a clinical guide for the treatment of postoperative pain in a major ambulatory surgery unit.
Ma Asunción Martín López, Gabriel Ollé Fortuny, Fidel Oferil Riera, Luis Hidalgo Grau, Miquel Prats Maeso.

Constructing information booklets for day-case patients.
Mark Mitchell.