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December 1995. Contents

Editorial. Decision making partners: cost and outcome.
Bernard V. Wetchler.

Total intravenous anaesthesia in day case surgery.
PH Carroll, TW Ogg.

Laparoscopic day surgery: the process of recovery for women.
J Donoghue, D Pelletier, C Duffield, R Gomez-Fort.

Day case laparoscopic cholecystectomy — a feasibility study.
JI Livingstone, CJ Cahill.

The results of direct access day surgery for minor operations.
F Meurisse, T Malins, RD Leach.

Day surgery dilatation and curettage: patients’ experiences.
M Petticrew, NA Black, L Moore.

Microlaryngeal surgery on a day case basis.
JM Maestre, C Morales, F Carrera, J Bezos, J García, F Ramos.

Quality assessment in a day surgery unit.
RJ Theus, PMNYH Go, F van Wijmen.

The efficacy of postoperative pain management with ketorolac for day case oral surgery.
P Coulthard, AT Snowdon, JP Rood.

The role of oxygen therapy in the recovery phase of day surgery.
KJ Fogg, PRI Saunders, D Wilkinson.

Folly! The long distance day surgery patient.
KJ Fogg, PRI Saunders.

Value-based anesthesia care for the adult outpatient — discussed at 1995 American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting
PA Kapur.