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Mark Skues

Staffing models A Literature Review of Staffing Models in an Ambulatory Surgery Unit Responding to Varying flow, Volume and Acuity: Identifying the Need for Further Research

Els Van Caelenberg, Simon Malfait, Melissa De Regge, Alexander Van Tongel,Rik Verhaeghe, Girish P. Joshi, Marc Coppens

The Value of Performance and Quality Indicators in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit

Douglas McWhinnie, Ian Jackson

Innovation in Motion: Robotic Surgery’s status in Latin America

Y Rivero-Moreno, J Cordova-Guilarte, S Echevarria, G Dorado-Avila, L Pianetti,
J Acevedo-Rodríguez, C Chavez-Campos, C Vidal-Valderrama,M Paz-Castillo-Lopez,
C Estrella-Gaibor, Y Salcedo, A Pereda-Gonzales, P Guamán-Ludeña1,W López-Porras, F Lott

Spinal Fast track – Half dilution of intrathecal local anesthetics, a key for faster recovery after ambulatory day care surgeries – A Case Series

A Elayat, S Sreedharan, AS Syamlal, M Benita Jeyakumar