Volume 12 Supplement Conference abstracts Seville  

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Exploring the world of ambulatory surgery.
Burton S. Epstein.

The role of the medical director.
Thomas W. Cutter.

Leadership in the ASC: Opportunity and responsibility.
Jane L. Thilo.

Pediatric patient selection and provider issues.
Sally E. Rampersad, Anne M. Lynn.

Pediatric ambulatory surgery and wound infection: a review study of 812 operations in a Brazilian university hospital.
E.O. Duque-Estrada, M. Duarte, M.D Rodrigues, R. Petto.

Operating room nitrous oxide trace concentrations: a clinical study in ambulatory surgery.
R.E. Anderson, G. Barr, J.G. Jakobsson.

Early bioavailability in day surgery: a comparison between orally, rectally, and intravenously administered paracetamol.
P. Holmér Pettersson, A. Hein, A. Öwall, R.E. Anderson, J.G. Jakobsson.

Low-cost pain infusion catheter for the control of postoperative pain in ambulatory foot surgery.
Christopher P. Segler, Jason B. Dickerson.

A double blind, randomised trial to compare the analgesic effect of oral premedication with paracetamol, diclofenac, or diclofenac and paracetamol, on postoperative pain following surgical suction termination of pregnancy.
M.W. Watson, M.J. Watson, W.T. Frame.

A comparison of local intraarticular anesthesia versus general anesthesia for ambulatory arthroscopic knee surgery.
Scott S. Reuben, Srinivasa B. Gutta, Holly Maciolek, Joseph Sklar.

Preoperative predictive factors of ambulatory laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
J. Bueno Lledó, M. Planells Roig, C. Arnal Bertomeu, A. Sanahuja Santafé, M. Guillemot Lafargue, R. Garcia Espinosa.