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December 1993. Contents

Everything has been thought of before.
Bernard V. Wetchler.

Expanding the scope of ambulatory surgery in the USA.
G.D. Durant.

Audit of day case maxillofacial surgery: a pilot assessment.
P.R.F Davies, W.T. Lamb, D.M. Adlam, T.W. Ogg, A.D. Mitchell, D.B. Galloway.

Patient selection criteria for paediatric ambulatory surgery.
R.I. Patel, R.S. Hannallah.

A postanaesthetic discharge scoring system for home readiness after ambulatory surgery.
F.F. Chung, V.W.S. Chant, D. Ong.

Patient survey after inguinal hernia repair in ambulatory surgery.
G.A.M. Salet, P.M.N.Y.H. G0.

Day care in The Netherlands.
D.A. Duwel, M.A. Grasveld-van Berckel, L. Pothast.

Prolonged mivacurium-induced neuromuscular blockade in patients with reduced plasma cholinesterase activity.
J.A. Livermore, K.M. Metz.

Evaluating ambulatory surgery: how it affects all surgeons: Extended Abstracts from a Session of the Postgraduate Programme at the Spring Meeting of the American College of Surgeons, Montreal 1993.
Charles F. Frey.

Standards for ambulatory and office based surgery.
A Gerson Greenburg

Ambulatory surgery: effects on education of surgical housestaff and medical students in Canada.
Gerald M Fried

Evolution in ambulatory surgery: unispeciality perspective.
TR Knapp

Types of ambulatory surgery centres and how to initiate them: Canadian system.
Serge Dubé

Education of surgical house staff and medical students – opportunities and problems.
Paul Friedmann

Ambulatory surgery and the government: an evolving partnership.
Robin E Stombler

Standards of care for unispeciality ambulatory surgery centres: the plastic surgery model.
Stephen H Miller

Letter to the Editors.
The reinforced laryngeal mask in dental day surgery.

Literature review.