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December 1994. Contents

Editorial. Quality assurance in the day surgery setting
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg

A quality assurance initiative in day case surgery: general considerations
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg

Quality assurance in day case anaesthesia
M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg

Quality assurance in day case surgery: closing the audit loop
B.J. Watson, M. Hitchcock, T.W. Ogg, K.E.A. Dutton

After day surgery: the impact on community healthcare services
E.M. Lowry, A.D. Simpson, H.G. Glenister, D.N.L. Ralphs

Quality improvement in ambulatory surgery — the US perspective
R.S. Twersky

Accreditation of ambulatory surgery centres utilizing universally acceptable clinical indicators — is it achievable?
L. Roberts

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September 1994. Contents

Paul EM Jarrett

Regional anaesthesia for outpatient surgery
S.K. Pandit, U.A. Pandit

Ambulatory surgery in the ’90s
A.G. Greenburg

Effectiveness of naproxen in laparoscopic sterilization: a double blind randomized placebo controlled study
R. van Ee, D.J. Hemrika, C.Th. van der Linden, H. Lip, S. de Blok

Comparison of alfentanil and halothane anaesthesia in paediatric ambulatory ENT surgery
W.F. Casey, R.S. Hannallah, R.A. Woodford, W.J. Martin, S.B. Baker, J.M. Norden

Day case inguinal hernia repair under local anaesthesia with sedation
J. Marin, A. Gallardo, C. Perez, S. Marrero

Blood contact and exposures among ambulatory surgery personnel
M.C. White, P. Lynch

Ambulatory transurethral resection of the prostate
S A V Holmes, S Jennings, C G A Short, G B Gillet, R S Kirby

Epidural anaesthesia in ambulatory surgery
A. Faura, M.J. Linares, D. Pelegrí, A. Abad, C. Ramón

Ambulatory cataract surgery: the patients’ perceptions
P.B. Chell, P. Shah, A.R. Fielder

Ambulatory surgery complications and patient fitness
A. Paix, G.E. Rudkin, G.A. Osborne

Letters: Recovery after laparoscopic day surgery