Volume 17.4

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Douglas McWhinnie

Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair reduces length of In-Hospital Stay
A. Bajwa & H. Khaira

Day surgery patients’ perceptions of risk: a qualitative research study
A. Mottram

Comparison of preparedness after preadmission telephone screening or clinic assessment in patients undergoing endoscopic surgery by day surgery procedure: a pilot study.
M. Richardson-Tench, J. Rabach, D. Kerr, W. Adams & S. Brown

Private Contra Public Health: The German System
Jörg Rüggeberg

Day Care Surgery: The United States Model of Health Care
Beverly K. Philip

Comparison of Hospital- and Office-Based Ambulatory Surgery in Germany Surgery in small free standing units offers many advantages
Jost Brökelmann