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May 2004 Contents

Dr. Caterina Ramon. Obituary
Juan Marin.

Danish Association of Day Surgery.
Claus Toftgaard.

Present status and future for ambulatory surgery in Norway.
Terje Dybvik, Unni Naalsund, Johan Ræder.

Ambulatory surgery in Portugal: The 2003 APCA report.
Paulo Lemos.

Ambulatory surgery in Spain.
Juan Marin.

Swiss Society of ambulatory surgery.
B. Roche.

Oxycodone and ketobemidone for oral premedication.
G. Öhqvist, A. Lindh, M. Oja, C. Lilja, A-S. Andersson, L. Westman.

Varicocoele surgery as day surgery—a regional hospital experience.
Kai-Chi Cheng, Siu-Fai Lo, In-Chak Law, Andrew Wai-Chun Yip.

Major ambulatory surgery and breast pathology.
L. Carrasco, J. Aguilar, B. Andres, M. Martinez, A. Chaves, B. Flores, M.S. Muelas, M.F. Candel, J.G. Martin, J.L. Aguayo.

Intravesical analgesia for ambulatory urologic procedures: a histopathological study.
Nurten Kayacan, Bilge Karsli, Gülay Ozbilim, Zekiye Bigat, Meliha Erman, Gülten Karpuzoglu.

Free standing units for ambulatory surgery.
Jost Brökelmann.

Propofol-related myoclonic seizures.
C.L. Thong, C.Y. Wang.

Day surgery: where do our efforts need to be focused?: Results of a review and simulation on administrative data.
Guido Bertolini, Davide Luciani, Bruno Gridelli.

Pain relief following oral day case surgery: a pilot study.
P.J. Thomson, I.R. Fletcher, J.N.S. Matthews, C.B. Hayward, S. Briggs.

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December 2003 Contents

Editorial: The International Association for Ambulatory Surgery.
P.E.M Jarrett.

Recovery from gynaecological day surgery: are we underestimating the process?
Helen Cox, Beverly O’Connell.

Patient morbidity following oral day surgery—use of a post-operative telephone questionnaire.
P.J. Thomson, I.R. Fletcher, S. Briggs, D. Barthram, G. Cato.

Comparison of local and spinal anesthesia techniques in inguinal hernia repair.
Ergün Erdem, Hülya Sungurtekin, Uğur Sungurtekin, Cihat Tetik, Akın Özden.

Posterior approach to the sciatic nerve in the popliteal fossa for lower limb surgery.
Jaime Fernández-Guisasola, Santiago Garcı´a del Valle, Esther Burgos, Ricardo Ojea, Jesús López, Juan Gómez-Arnau.

A prospective comparison of ambulatory endoscopic totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernioplasty versus open mesh hernioplasty.
Hung Lau, Nivritti G. Patil.

Groin hernia repair under local anaesthesia: effect of surgeon’s training level on long-term results.
Hannu Paajanen.

Should scrotal operations be performed as day cases.
E.O. Pearse, M.P.J. Wright, R. Persad.

Adult day case hallux valgus surgery—a safe and viable option.
Amit Bhargava, P. Rai, R.K. Shrivastava.

The incidence of side effects and their relation with anesthetic techniques after ambulatory surgery.
Hatice Türe, Zeynep Eti, Müge Adil, Özlem Kara F. Yılmaz Göğüş.

Tumours of the eyelid: ambulatory surgery treatment.
Elvira Elena-Sorando, C. Vázquez-Galeano, N. Galeano-Ricaño, P. Martı´nez-Seijas, J. Azúa-Romeo, G. Cimorra-Moreno.

Feasibility and problems of day-care varicose vein surgery in elderly patients.
Silvestro Canonico, Ferdinando Campitiello, Antonio Santoriello.

New concepts in recovery after ambulatory surgery.
Girish P. Joshi.

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May 2003 Contents

More ambulatory surgery—Is it worth doing?
Beverly K. Philip.

Regional anaesthesia in the outpatient treatment of bilateral inguinal hernias using totally extraperitoneal laparoscopy.
J. Cartagena, J.P. Vicente, A. Moreno-Egea, M.T. Sánchez Elduayen, J.L. Aguayo, J. Sanz.

The economic benefits of ambulatory surgery relative to inpatient surgery for laparoscopic tubal ligation.
Paulo Lemos, Ana Regalado, Domingos Marques, Célia Castanheira, Fátima Malafaia, Manuela Almeida, Manuela Lanhoso, Paulo Salgado.

Recovery after day surgery: a survey of anaesthetists regarding return of home fitness and street fitness.
C.J.C. Cheng, I. Smith, B.J. Watson.

Variation in day surgery among Dutch hospitals:: The development of a theoretical model to explain variations.
Madelon Kroneman, Maureen van Oort, Peter Groenewegen, Dick de Jong.

Testing the effectiveness of a nursing intervention in relieving pain following day surgery.
Anne Dewar, Kenneth Craig, Janice Muir, Colm Cole.

Inhalation versus intravenous anaesthesia for day surgery.
Ian Smith.

Convalescence after laparoscopic sterilization.
Dorthe Hjort Jakobsen, Torben Callesen, Lars Schouenborg, Dorthe Nielsen, Henrik Kehlet.

Patients’ experiences of laparoscopic fundoplication in day surgery.
Cajsa Barthelsson, Kim Lützén, Bo Anderberg, Sven Bringman, Gun Nordström.

Correlation between the evolution of the substitution index and anaesthetic quality indicators in a day surgery programme.
M.A. Martín López, G. Ollé Fortuny, Ll. Opisso Juliá, F. Oferil Riera, L.A. Hidalgo Grau, M. Prats Maeso.

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November 2002 Contents

Educational Opportunity! Fifth International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery on “Making a World of Difference Through Ambulatory Surgery”.
Beverly K Philip.

Use of elastomeric pumps for continuous intravenous analgesia administration in ambulatory surgery pain management.
Sergi Boada, Jordi Recasens, Juan Papaceit, Benjamin Solsona, Judit Saludes, Jordi Escuder, Maria Rull.

Comparison of the automated Dinamap blood pressure monitor with the mercury sphygmomanometer for detecting hypertension in the day case pre-assessment clinic.
Trevor R. Coe, Kerri Houghton.

Postoperative outcomes in ambulatory surgery: Are they the same, worse or better?
Walther R Minatti, Juan Perriello, Mario Dicaprio, Leandro Pierini, Alejandro Mendiburo.

Survey on postoperative pain control in ambulatory surgery in Hong Kong Chinese.
Yuk Pang Yeung, F.L Cheung, C.Y Ng, Andrew Yip Wai Chun.

The results of 1 day surgery in proctological practice.
P Labaš, B Ohrádka, M Čambal, J Fillo.

The effect of intra-articular neostigmine, tramadol, tenoxicam and bupivacaine on postoperative pain.
Nurten Kayacan, Neval Boztuğ, Gulbin Arici, Bilge Karsli, Meliha Erman.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy as a ‘session’ surgery.
T.S Amarnath, R.A Coulthard, J.J.T Tate.

Improving surgical service utilization: An application of program budgeting and marginal analysis.
Shannon Spenceley, Lisa Halma.

Long term functional recovery following day-case laparoscopic sterilisation: inhalational versus TIVA maintenance.
B Carvalho, J.I Benton, P.J Vickery, J.R Sneyd, P.R.F Davies, J.A Langton.