Volume 14.4

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Paul EM Jarrett

Day Case Surgery For Pressure Sore in a Tetraplegic Patient
Me Gentili, G Candelier, Jl Isambert

National Report: What’s New in Day Surgery in Portugal? The importance of the introduction of organisational principles
P. Lemos

Flying Solo – A pilot study of Day case Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
M. P. Powar, P. Lung, M.C. Parker

Being Ready on The Day… A Short Report on the Evaluation and Outcomes of a Pilot Ambulatory Surgery Crisis Resource Management Course
P. Rêgo, K. Walker, A. Thompson, M. Wren

Day-Case Inguinal Hernia Repair: Is Post-Surgical Pain at 30 Days Indicative of Chronic Pain?
G. Vasconcelos, S. Coelho

Does Ring-Fencing Improve Efficiency in an Orthopaedic Day Case Unit?
M.R. Whitehouse, N.S. Atwal, J.A. Livingstone